Wenatchee Marathon Race Recap


Packet Pickup
Packet pickup is the night before at the expo. The Racing Mermaid picked up my packet, so no idea what this looked like.


None. Bummer.

Per usual, tons of water. We went to my stepsons baseball game first, which made it 7 hours in the car and two hours on the metal bleachers and snack foods, no Bueno. I left the game alone, drove the 5 hours to Wenatchee, arriving at 7:30pm. Ate a few tacos and was pooped. Not my best pre-race-day. I did sleep reasonably well. Race morning I had a honey stinger waffle, coffee and creamer, and plenty of Nuun & water.




Volunteers/Fluids/Spectators/Entertainment/Post Race                 Lots of volunteers. Water, and electrolytes (didn’t use them, nothing new on race day!! Post race was nothing special, medals and water. No bands or other merchants. Medals were huge and awesome. Shirts were mediocre.


The Actual Race
Started at 6:30a. Didn’t start off feeling awesome, my legs were heavy and slow from the start and just got heavier. Fueled as planned, hydrated as planned. But just didn’t get to where things felt good. I was happy when it was over. Also, saw another  snake, this is becoming an omen.

It was The Racing Mermaid’s first marathon. A PR for Amber’s half marathon time and her boyfriend’s first half marathon.

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