This is happening!!!!

So, this happened today.


In 135 days I will be lining up for the scariest, most difficult, most mentally & physically taxing event of my life (thus far!!!), a 2.4 mile swim followed by an 112 mile bike ride followed by a 26.2 mile run.

This week state survey is in, they hopefully (fingers crossed) will be leaving tomorrow. I gave myself this week off of my training to 100% focus on work. But next week, gears shift back, and my focus will become completing this incredible, huge, terrifying goal!

A few things will change. My training schedule is set in stone, there can be very few if any missed training sessions from here on out. No more excuses.

My eating becomes the fourth discipline. This week has been OUT OF CONTROL. I’m a total stress eater and stress wine drinker.

I need to get more sleep. This is an area of contention sometimes. But I need more sleep. My training definitely suffers when it’s not happening. So something that I need to problem solve, for sure.

IM CDA here I come!!!!!


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