State Survey


Working in Long Term Care is an interesting thing… You work so hard, and often wonder what holds you there. Is it helping the elderly? Is it defending the defenseless? Is it being the voice for those that can no longer make theirs heard? Is it being there in the moment when someone needs you the most?

Annually every state & federally funded facility is audited for an entire week. It kind of feels like a really, really long day in court. Your entire year of work is placed under a microscope, dissected and handed back to you. It’s painful. It’s stressful. It’s incredibly humbling.

I take pride in my job. I work hard at it. I strive to be my best. But we all have faults. We all make mistakes. We all miss something along the way. But I’m no good at taking criticism. I’m not good at admitting when I’m wrong. So this is by far, my worst week of any year.


The flip side, one, your team pulls together, which our team could definitely use & two, the building grows, every year we learn something we could do better. Plus, they buy us lunch all week and its usually delicious junk food, which when stressed, hits the spot!


So cheers! It’s annual survey.

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