What does the fox say?

The levee that I run on in the early mornings starts in a beautiful park, crosses the river and runs alongside the river the rest of the way. Beautiful sunrises, fog settling across the water, and trees with every imaginable color leaf and flower. The levee is also home to a multitude of animals. On an average day it is typical to see geese, ducks, … Continue reading What does the fox say?

Seaport River Run & The Rest of the Weekend

Busy little weekend. Saturday morning was the Seaport River Run, and even though it was raining and humid, it was a terrific time running with the girlies and Amber. Then returned home to help Bill clean out the garage. It was a monster project. Followed by a great nap, some shopping and dinner out at the Chinese restaurant. This morning I slept in. Put in … Continue reading Seaport River Run & The Rest of the Weekend

Fueling: eating, hydration & supplementation

Training for an Ironman is hard. But fueling, hydrating, supplementing while trying to keep your body healthy, injury-free, and improving is much harder (in my humble opinion). Let me start this by saying that I love to eat. And I don’t love to eat salads, vegetables and lean meats. I LOVE to eat pizza, and nachos, and potato chips and above all these tacos (well, … Continue reading Fueling: eating, hydration & supplementation

Night Before the Wenatchee Marathon

First marathon of the year tomorrow morning! Hurray!   All packed! Lots of hydrating going on today! It will be The Racing Mermaid’s 1st full marathon!! Went to watch my stepson play baseball first! Added 4 hours to my drive time for today but totally worth watching him play. Then a long weird drive to Wenatchee. Stay tuned for the race recap! Continue reading Night Before the Wenatchee Marathon

Saturday Shenanigans

What a day!!!Β First up, coaching running group! Everyone is improving so much, it’s so much fun to be a part of!!   Then while Bill ran to Home Depot I mowed theΒ backyard, cleaned out under the deck, thatched the front yard, seeded it, fed it lawn food and got the water on it. Then sprayed every god-damn weed in the front yard with ground clear. … Continue reading Saturday Shenanigans