Snake River Sprint Triathlon

The Snake River Sprint Triathlon is a small local race put on by the college xc team. Last year, this race is what started an amazing year with The Racing Mermaid, starting with our first ever sprint triathlon followed by several other sprints and two 70.3’s. It’s crazy to even think about. We were crossfitting and decided that this little sprint would be our next goal. Which has completely overtaken my training and my focus, and now leading us down the path to becoming Ironman 140.6 athletes. This shit truly is bananas.

Plenty of Nuun on board, a few delicious date “energy balls”, my Mizuno gear, Wattie kit, and my sweet Ogio bag!


I love getting to a race a little early, getting set up and just watching the people come in.




The swim is still my least favorite of the three sports but we’ve spent a lot of time in the pool, a murky fishing “lake” and in the river this past year and I’m excited to see how it plays out for this years racing. This year I was able to peel around 40sec from my previous years swim, which may not sound like a lot, but in a sprint, only 500yds, 40sec off a 10min time felt pretty huge. Hell, I’ll take any improvement in my swim.


The bike is short, 15 miles, and the first 7.5 miles to the turn-around is mostly uphill. I good on the bike, picking up several folks along the way. My favorite part of these small races is how encouraging everyone is. I passed a lady on the bike and she yelled out, “you go Wattie girl!”. It’s neat.




And then there is the run. It’s quick, a short 2.5 miles. So just long enough to run the bike tiredness out and it’s over!


4th in my AG, so no podium finish, but I’ll take it and just work harder to do better in my next sprint! Woot!!

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