Super Packed Weekend

Saturday was an early morning 12 miles with The Racing Mermaid. Then followed by 2 miles with the Bloomies-in-Training run group that I’m helping coach with Chris Raykovich over at Truth Endurance. Followed by a nice hot bath, the on to the girlies softball tryouts, with my sissy, her boyfriend, my neice and my stepdad, which was fun. After tryouts, everyone came to the house … Continue reading Super Packed Weekend

Training & Tidbits

The time change has been zero fun, but The Racing Mermaid and I are still getting the work done. Today was an early morning swim, with leaky goggles, their replacements will be here tomorrow, exactly the same pair. And this evening an hour on the bike trainer catching up on shows with my hubby. I’m really feeling these right now: Make it noteworthy friends. Continue reading Training & Tidbits

Super Duper Sunday Prep!

Sunday’s are “prep” day to ensure the week goes as smoothly as possible. Grocery shopping is complete, buying only what we need off the list taken directly from the meal plan for the week. This makes eating healthy meals easy and done without too much thought. Even the girls get into it. πŸ™‚ This week’s training plan: Happy training everyone! Continue reading Super Duper Sunday Prep!