Tough Days are the Days You Grow

I listened to a video this morning, on a friend’s Facebook and it discussed how lobsters grow. The gist of the video discussed that it’s when the lobster becomes uncomfortable in it’s current shell, that it makes the decision to cast of the old shell and grow a new one. Therefore, its the hard times that make you grow the most.

This morning, it was super cold out and I had not slept well. It would have been very easy to excuse away the reasons that I didn’t want to get my run in. I could have slept in, or overindulged in wine the night before, but didn’t.ย Instead, I laced up my shoes and headed out the door. It’s the hardest days to get out, when I have a million reasons not to, that make all the difference.


Sriracha Chicken

Eating healthy can be such a challenge when you like to eat food that tastes good, you want to please your family, and you want your children to like what they are eating. This recipe has been a big thumbs up for all of those things!


  • 16oz of boneless, skinless chicken (I prefer tenderloins)
  • 1 T extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 T minced garlic
  • 3T soy sauce
  • 2T naked honey
  • 2T sriracha (more if you like it spicy)
  • 3T water


  1. Thaw chicken, then dice up into bike size pieces.
  2. Heat oil, add garlic and simmer until fragrant. Add soy sauce, honey, sriracha, and water. Simmer.
  3. Add chicken. Cook until chicken it cooked thoroughly, and no longer pink.
  4. Serve!
ย IMG_7569


Super Packed Weekend

Saturday was an early morning 12 miles with The Racing Mermaid.


Then followed by 2 miles with the Bloomies-in-Training run group that I’m helping coach with Chris Raykovich over at Truth Endurance.


Followed by a nice hot bath, the on to the girlies softball tryouts, with my sissy, her boyfriend, my neice and my stepdad, which was fun. After tryouts, everyone came to the house to play Cards Against Humanity and Crabs Adjust Humidity.


Best cards of the night.


I was able to sleep in the morning, which was super nice. And hydrated well!!


Then we headed to the pool for a shorter swim.


Then an hour and half out on the bikes, again with The Racing Mermaid.


This weeks training schedule:


Juggling It All

Being a mom and a wife and a social worker and training for this IM is a fine art of juggling.

Getting my swim in before the girls get up to catch the bus is first. My alarm is set the night before and my clothes and bag ready to go, getting around in the dark is just easier that way. 4:20 comes early… Kissing my hubby, just so he knows that I love him to pieces, and off I go to meet The Racing Mermaid.

I return home and get the girls off for the day, quick breakfasts, hairdos, and packing lunches, kisses and hugs and off they go. Next is getting my hubby’s clothes ironed so he doesn’t have to go to work naked was my morning chore for today, but switches between that and laundry and other chores.


Getting around to make it to work in time is next. Work is always crazy. There are days I wish I could just tell you about the things that go on in long term care, but privacy protects all of that.

After work, I rushed to meet my sister and my girls to practice softball, which I know nothing about and BADLY need her help with, she was a college softball athlete and even in high school an all-star, varsity player. She pitched to me, I cannot catch at all, so it was a fun and funny afternoon. She, in an hour and a half, taught them more than I could have in months…


After that, catch a ride on the trainer for an hour.


Next comes dinner time, which means figuring out something that is healthy (my hubby is eating super healthy and dropping the pounds), something low carb (for me), and something that girls will willingly eat (therefore tastes relatively good), tonight it was Taco Omlettes. Yummy!! Everyone loved them. We do Table Topics at the dinner table, which is my favorite part of the day, it’s a game where you ask a question and everyone at the table answers it, it’s really neat to hear everyone’s answers and the kids totally dig it.

Tonight’s questions were: If you could name a dog, which would you choose? If someone gave you a gift that you already owned, how would you respond? At one point our youngest was laughing so hard she snorted. ๐Ÿ™‚

Then comes snuggle time, watching a show or movie (Bill usually runs the TV plans). The girls do their reading and take baths. Then it is good night kisses and tucking in for the girlies, which is also my favorite time of the day. Then Bill and I usually have an hour alone, in which I enjoy my glass of wine or dark chocolate or both, before I doze off, then it’s time to start the whole process over again!


It’s Happening!!!

Today I registered for the CDA 70.3. By the end of next week, I will be registered for the CDA 140.6 as well.


These two races are my “A races” for 2016. To say I’m nervous is an understatement. I’m scared shitless. This goal is huge. It’s crazier than any goal I have ever set for myself before.ย I need to take another look at my training plan, dial it in. Then kick its ass.


And tonight a date with Sophia. One of my absolute favorite Rieslings.


Last weekend the hubby and I were out of town and found a wine superstore! What?!


And there she was, after all these years, just waiting for me.ย With all of her friends.


Training & Tidbits

The time change has been zero fun, but The Racing Mermaid and I are still getting the work done.


Today was an early morning swim, with leaky goggles, their replacements will be here tomorrow, exactly the same pair. And this evening an hour on the bike trainer catching up on shows with my hubby.


I’m really feeling these right now:

Make it noteworthy friends.

What’s On My Plate?

This is an example of my meal planning for the day, this is what I ate today!


And this is likely exactly what I will eat all week with the change of dinner each night as planned in my dinner meal plan and an additionalย Date Energy Ball if I have a second training session inย the afternoon.

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