Happy Thursday: Getting Things Accomplished!

Four things of note today after reading Primal Endurance by Mark Sisson:
  1.  “Studies suggest reduced muscle soreness and improved performance using compression garments.”
  2. “Post-exercise hydration is essential to ensuring that assorted recovery mechanisms work without interference from the immediate urgency of needing to rehydrate.”
  3. “The ‘athletes mindset’ of being lazy in everyday life on account of compiling an impressive workout log must be reframed to emphasize the importance of increased everyday movement to speed recovery and optimize metabolic function.”
  4. “The ‘active couch potato syndrome’ describes the actual medical phenomenon of devoted fitness enthusiasts nevertheless suffering from elevated disease factors due to predominantly sedentary lifestyle patterns.”
So today’s goals:

Crush two workouts (1 hour at the pool & 1 hour on the bike). X

feb1 feb2







Compression socks all day. X


Focus on hydration. X


Get out of my desk/office at least every hour today. X

 What’s on the menu today?
Pre-Workout: Nuun Active prior to swim, regular Nuun on bike
Breakfast: Lara Bar
Snack: cashews
Lunch: 1/2c crab, 1/2c cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes
Snack: macadamia nuts
Dinner: Crockpot Chicken & Veggies
Night Cap: Glass of wine & square of dark chocolate
Today’s schedule?
4:20a: Wake Up
5a: 1 hour swim
6:20a: Home, get girls around for school, dishes & laundry
7a: 1 hour on the bike
8a: Get around for work, pack lunch
9a-5p: Slave away (remembering to hydrate and get out of my office whenever possible
5p: Run? Walk dog?
6p: Make dinner/family time
7p: Chores, girls’ chores
8p: Girls bathe, reading, multiplication
9p: Snuggle with my hubby
10p: Sleep!!!!

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