Just Another Manic Monday…

After a long night of sleep, Monday’s are always a jolt to the system. This is an outline of what my day looks like on a typical Monday.


4:20a: Alarm goes off, lie there and think about how much I don’t want to crawl out of my warm cocoon of a bed

4:25a: Kiss Bill, take running clothes into bathroom as to not wake Bill with the light

4:30a: Dissolve Nuun tablet, start car (I am a wimp and want the seats to start warming up)

4:45a: Out the door to meet The Racing Mermaid

5a: We start our run, visit about the Walking Dead, our kids, the weekend, our hubbies, training… Visiting with Twila passes the time away so fast.

5:20a: On our way back there are two people fighting in the dark on the levy, a car pulled off with their flashers on, one person walks away, through an intersection angirly, the second stays on the levy with us, in the middle of the path, diving Twila and I… Creepy. But no one died today, so I will count it as a win.

5:40a: Back to the cars, different car in the parking lot than usual, so I hang back as Twila gets in her car… But like I said, no one dies. πŸ™‚

6a: Back to the house, everyone is still sound asleep, I kiss Bill and let him know I am home safe. I switch the laundry, then read the last two chapters of my amazing book, because I have a new book coming tonight!

6:30a: Wake up girls, help them get around, dressed, fed, teeth brushed, hair combed, homework and reading logs signed, kissed and off to the bus.

7a: On the bike trainer, read a few articles written by Mark Sisson on The Primal Diet, such good stuff

8a: Off the trainer, put the bike and trainer away, get around for work, visit with Bill about his plans for the day…

8:40a: Off to work!!

We have dinner plans with someone that Bill works with tonight, so the day should prove to continue to be busy! And that is what an Ironman-training-with-a-family-and-full-time-job-morning looks like!


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