Prepped for the week…

Got an early morning run in, and after my running partner had a wardrobe malfunction, we cut it short. My legs felt super heavy from my long bike ride the day before, so I wasn’t bummed at all by this… But I was hydrated and had great nutrition!


We hit a swim afterward. Sunday’s are a shorter swim for the week, and because of that and the fact that it’s not so early, I do enjoy these swims a lot more… Will I ever learn to love to swim?

My oldest girlie came with us, and she was great in the lane with me. Circle swimming, watching where I was as to not slow me down, and even showed me that she could do flip turns… She’s like a little human version of The Racing Mermaid. At one point she was flipping and twirling under the water, I caught a glimpse of her between strokes, she looked so happy and peaceful and wild, I hope she feels all of those ways.

Meal planning set for the week, groceries bought and dinner in the crock pot. Headed to be a great week!


Prepped for some excellent workouts as well! Moved our running times and am super excited about it!




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