Busy, Busy Bee Today!

When I’m 2,000 steps over my Garmin goal for the day, on a weekend and didn’t run, you know it’s been a crazy day!

First, the girls had their last day of basketball camp this morning.


Then, the girls decided they wanted their own rooms… So between cleaning, moving furniture, dividing their clothes, and getting both rooms put together, it was a busy little morning! Then with the mess of it all, the entire house needed vacuumed!

Then, my hubby had a new wash machine delivered today, so I obviously had to wash everything in the house!

I fit in my 40 mile bike ride in the trainer, watching a new terrific show with my hubby.


The girls had a performance at halftime of the high school game. It’s odd cheering for a team that isn’t your hometown. But the girls did great!


A tonight, the girls are having friends over for a sleepover, to break in the newness of their new rooms. I love seeing their happy little faces and listening to their giggles from their rooms.


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