Simply Saturday

Saturday morning started with the girls’ basketball camp. They both did so great. It is awesome watching their completely different personalities in this kind of setting.

Haili is just naturally athletic and with just a little direction, she knows just what she should be doing. She was making shots like crazy!


Graci, who honestly wasnt interested in doing the camp to begin with, is thriving. She’s learning quickly, she’s working so hard and doing so well. She was nailing lay ups!


This afternoon I put 25 miles on my bike.


Then Haili and Kimbo joined me for a short-not-so-quick run. But it was worth having Haili’s company.


When I look around my house, currently littered with kids’ toys, shoes, board games and snacks, listening to their giggles and game playing, all I can think is, I am so blessed. Blessed with these five children. Blessed with a man who loves me, loves all of us and supports me, as a wife, as a mother and as an athlete.

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