2016 Goal Setting!

The hardest part when setting any goal is figuring out where to start. For me, that means setting the Main Goals, then setting smaller goals that help me achieve the Main Goal. A few weeks ago, I made a list of my Main Goals of 2016.


These are are my smaller goals to get to the main goal.

CDA Ironman

  1. Plan out training plan, schedule it into my life and stick to it!
  2. Race in several shorter-distance races prior to this race.
  3. Focus on staying healthy, eating well, drinking enough water.

Limit Negativity in My Life

  1. Work on my own negativity and realize when I’m being negative to others.
  2. Keep negativity out of my life wherever possible. Negativity breeds negativity.
  3. Be nicer than I feel, attempt to be patient, and try to find the good in others.

Continue Developing Great Communication with my Daughters

  1. Keep dinner games going, encourage them to share who they are.
  2. Encourage them to open up to me, even when I don’t like what I’m hearing.
  3. Support them whenever possible.
  4. Emphasis that home is their safe place, where they can be open and honest.

Develop Noteworthy Running

  1. Keep working with sponsors and ambassador programs to build blog.
  2. Schedule our blog post ideas in advance.

Nuture Relationships w/ Positive Friends

  1. I have some really great, very positive and supportive friends, focus on who these friends are and who they aren’t. Don’t waste time or energy on the second.
  2. Listen to those real friends. Be supportive and positive to them.

Two Vacations w/ My Hubby

  1. Hilo, Hawaii!!!
  2. Cozumel!!!!

New Marathon PR

  1. Four runs a week.
  2. Set goal of run prior to run (sprint, long run, tempo, fartlek).
  3. Record each run, time, distance, speed. Work to improve these times.

Work on My Relationship w/ My Mom   (This is much more of a personal thing, so I’ll keep these to myself, but smaller goals have been set elsewhere…)


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