What do ya know Wednesday: Mindful Eating, Coffee & Vitamin C

I found this great article about Mindful Eating, 20 Mindful Eating Tips That Will Transform Your Relationship with Food. It’s a great article that talks about how to really focus on your food and enjoy what’s in front of you. And this great article that just further supports my need for coffee, Good news for coffee drinkers – caffeine consumption is better. And finally this … Continue reading What do ya know Wednesday: Mindful Eating, Coffee & Vitamin C

Prepped for the week…

Got an early morning run in, and after my running partner had a wardrobe malfunction, we cut it short. My legs felt super heavy from my long bike ride the day before, so I wasn’t bummed at all by this… But I was hydrated and had great nutrition! We hit a swim afterward. Sunday’s are a shorter swim for the week, and because of that … Continue reading Prepped for the week…

Busy, Busy Bee Today!

When I’m 2,000 steps over my Garmin goal for the day, on a weekend and didn’t run, you know it’s been a crazy day! First, the girls had their last day of basketball camp this morning. Then, the girls decided they wanted their own rooms… So between cleaning, moving furniture, dividing their clothes, and getting both rooms put together, it was a busy little morning! … Continue reading Busy, Busy Bee Today!

Monday Motivation & Thankfulness

Pretty good little day. Got a lot accomplished at work. Got a great run in with my IM training bestie, which chatting with her about life just makes me feel so good. πŸ™‚ Then came home to my incredible, generous, thoughtful, kind, loving hubby and our two beautiful, amazing, smart little humans. Sometimes I lose myself in the shit of the world, when I just … Continue reading Monday Motivation & Thankfulness

Workouts, A Challenge & Meal Prep!

This morning’s workout was great! A 6 mile run (shortened and slowed down a bit by calf cramps, booooo), followed by 1000 yds in the pool. AND we set up a weight loss challenge, with the jackpot now at $475!! Yes! Β So I’ll be using a workout journal to track my weight loss, my measurements, my intake, my sleep and my hydration! Fun stuff!!! This … Continue reading Workouts, A Challenge & Meal Prep!

Simply Saturday

Saturday morning started with the girls’ basketball camp.Β They both did so great. It is awesome watching their completely different personalities in this kind of setting. Haili is just naturally athletic and with just a little direction, she knows just what she should be doing. She was making shots like crazy! Graci, who honestly wasnt interested in doing the camp to begin with, is thriving. She’s … Continue reading Simply Saturday