What Every Triathlete Really Wants For Christmas


Every year, I see all these blogs or social media posts discussing the Top Christmas Items that everyone wants… And I look through these things and wonder, “what the heck would I do with personalized napkins/an actual camera/a zen garden”. Who really wants this stuff?

I am not a huge Christmas fan. Christmas feels like you are busy buying people anything and everything just to mark their name off your list. I would prefer to buy everyone a gift card, to somewhere that they would actually get what they want, something that they will use and not just shove into the re-gift closet… But that’s often perceived as an un-thoughtful gift.

So, what is it that a Triathlete wants for Christmas? Well, in my humble opinion, here is the list of things that I would have wanted starting out in the triathlon world:

– The Ogio 9.0 Athletic Bag: Here is the long and the short of triathlon training, you have a lot of crap to carry to events, to the locker room, to the pool, to the gym, to the river, to the levee… These bags are designed to hold all of your stuff, all of the time, so you aren’t switching in and out of 5 different bags. Best purchase you will ever make.

– Honey Stinger Waffles: These are my absolute fav. If they weren’t specifically for training, I would probably lay around on the coach eating them all night long.

– Cute Shoes like the Mizuno Hitogami’s : There are some days that an amazingly cute pair of shoes is what gets me out the door. These are the shoes that I am rocking right now, AND I LOVE THEM!!!

– Hoo Ha Ride Glide: No one wants chapped or chafed lady bits. This stuff is amazing for those long (or not so long) bike rides. It has some sort of numbing agent as well, that is pretty legit for comfort. And they even have perfect stocking stuffer sizes!!!

– Fenix 3 or Any Awesome Watch with GPS & Swimming Capabilities: I adore the Fenix 3, it works in every single way that I could ever want it to. Plus a daily activity tracker. Plus it syncs to my phone with messaging/calls/email/calendar updates. I seriously love this watch.

– Good Socks, my FAVS are the Under Armour Liner No-Show Socks: I love how light and thin these socks are, and love them for running, cycling and pretty much anything else.

– Pre-Workout like Shroom Tech: This is the only pre-workout that I have ever used that doesn’t make me anxious. It’s a clean pre-workout, with cordyceps sinensis mushroom, adaptogens, antioxidants, and methyl B-12. It is in a capsule, so no nasty drink to chug down. And you can take it even when you aren’t working out, for super powers while vacuuming!

– S.O.S. Hydration: This stuff works a couple of different ways, one to hydrate you while working out and two to rehydrate you when you maybe have played a little too hard. These fit perfectly in a stocking!

– Handheld Water Bottle or Fuel Belt w/ Bib Holder: Hydrating and fueling while training is absolutely a must, having the right gear to do that makes everything so much better!

– Rest! And assistance with rest with New Mood: One thing that triathletes, well all athletes need, is rest. I have an extremely difficult time falling asleep, yet anything that you can take like Benadryl or ZZZQuil leaves me feeling drowsy the following morning and even one glass of wine leaves me dehydrated. This is the perfect answer, no side effects and it works in about 30 minutes. The extra bonus, it is filled with feel good natural supplements as well, such as 5HTP, Valerian, and Magnesium.

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