You Make Your Happiness : Motivational Monday

imageI’ve been feeling kinda stressed lately. I saw this on the FB machine today, and it really hit home. I need to make my own happiness. All I can do is be happy, with where I am right now and with how things are right now. So, I’m going to re-boot, focus on all the amazing things that I do have going on in my life.

  1. I have an amazing hubby that loves and supports me. That stands behind me, and when things seem crazy or hard, guides me the direction that I need to go. Even if it’s the harder road. And reminds me to stay the course, even when I want to give up.
  2. Two amazing little girls, that I would do anything and everything to ensure their happiness. And they are happy, easy going girls. They are funny and they are changing so much. They are maturing and becoming little adults. And I love the way that my relationship with them keeps getting better and better.
  3. Three super stepsons, that I think also like me. And I feel like every time they are here, our relationships, which are more like really cool friendships, keep getting better, which makes me super happy.
  4. A sister and neice that are the coolest two people on this earth. I love spending every moment I can with them! And my sisters bf, is pretty awesome too.
  5. A mom and step dad Gerry that I can call at anytime for anything, no matter what.
  6. A mother in law and father in law that I adore and that mean the world to my girls and I.
  7. A dad, that is more like a really great friend, someone I can laugh with and talk to, yet feel totally at ease with.
  8. Two amazing best friends, Amber and Twila, that I not only can train with, but I can talk to and trust, no drama, no weird friend crap, just good, amazing, totally real people.
  9. Two brothers that, although I don’t see much, I’m blessed to have.
  10. A bunch of great friends that I can laugh and be around, which sometimes you just need to do.
  11. My health is amazing. I’m not having any more colds, bronchitis or pneumonia! I can breath threw my nose! Hurray!!
  12. And I’m training for an Ironman! Something that I have the time, the flexibility, and the financial ability to do! Along with some pretty awesome sponsors and ambassadorships!


(And no, I’m not referring to Bill when I talk about stress, we are as happy as clams, above is our latest selfie.)


  1. Ironman CDA – August 2016
  2. Ironman University Training Plan done!
  3. Already on it! Two workouts done today!
  4. Tough it out. The exercise is amazing for me and the goal will be worth the work!
  5. BOOM!!!


So true! I need this to be my mantra, the background noise that pushes me to stay positive and happy!

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