Triple Workout Sweaty Sunday!

What a day!


Ran this morning with the The Mermaid. It was nice out, at that time, around 50 degrees and clear. Ran the bridge loop. It felt good to be running again.

Came home and changed into my biking gear, including a new tank that my hubby had made for me! It’s an Ironman CDA ‘In Training’ tank. Nothing like that to keep me motivated! He also had “Team Brandi” custom IMCDA shirts made for him, my sted-dad and my girls! What a great team of support I have! Spent an hour in the saddle, couldn’t have felt better!

And finally, a nice easy swim with The Mermaid. Spent the last five minutes at the pool attempting a flip turn, which watching The Mermaid gracefully do seems likes a cake walk, but in reality, it’s like water boarding yourself over and over… Needless to say, this either needs a lot more work or I won’t be doing it at the indoor tri’s that I have slated!


I started a nutrition course through Ironman University today while on my bike trainer. I love the “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food” quote. I love these courses. Anything that I can learn from Pro Ironman Athletes and Master Ironman coaches is like gold.


I struggled a little this week staying on track, not quite the first week back “In Training” that I was hoping for… But I feel good about the training that I got in. Confident that this week will be better!

2 thoughts on “Triple Workout Sweaty Sunday!

  1. I’m terrible at flip turns! I can kind of do them, but every once in a while, my breathe kind of catches and I can’t exhale as I flip– and then the water just shoots up my nose and it hurts SO BAD. Water up the nose is the worst.


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