Double Days for Days!

Felt so good yesterday to be back in the swing of things!

Woke up early, 4:20a, to hit the pool for an hour. It’s been nine days since I had done any exercise, so to say that it took some mental work to stay moving is an understatement. Focused on a 3:1 ratio for my freestyle:breaststroke, which felt good, easing my body back into the work.


I had my follow-up wIth the ENT at 8am. Which went perfectly. Everything is healing correctly, and breathing wise I can already tell a difference.Β Long day at work, a little crazy, but the normal crazy that is skilled nursing.

Then wrapped up the day with my bike trainer. Which felt very good. Spent an hour on him and was loving the bike computer feedback to my Garmin.


Here are my stats from today:

PLANNED: SW- 01:00 [3]
PLANNED: BI- 01:00 [1-2]
ACTUAL: Swim: 56:14 : 2,175yd
ACTUAL: Bike: 56:00 : 15.01mi

Tonight, 40 minute run (hopefully not in the rain) and some strength training. πŸ™‚ Feeling good!!

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