Monday Motivation

I can breathe! I am back to functioning and having very little pain (as long as I don’t sneeze, don’t blow my nose and nothing touches my nose in any fashion!!!). I had a rough night’s sleep, tossed and turned a lot, but not due to my nose. Hurray!

Monday Motivation

Love this! That is exactly what I feel when I think about IMCDA. So scared, so excited, so determined and almost sick with fear, yet everyday I feel it, looming over me.

Monday 2

So tomorrow, diving all the way back in to training! I have an hour session planned and another hour following that on my trainer, swapping it for my run on Wednesday morning because of a doctor’s appointment in the morning before work. Either way, making it work!

Really looking forward to establishing some baselines this week to start some progress comparison. IM CDA, I’m coming for you!


What goals do you have in your sights right now?

Are you thrilled, excited and scared?

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