Back to the Grind with Sunday Prep

Wow, what a week. When I say that I took an entire week of for rest, I mean I seriously took a week off. I feel like I am missing full days. I watched way too many movies, didn’t eat much other than soup, crocheted a giant blanket (still in the works), and slept about 20 hours of each day… I am happy to report that I am feeling so much better and feel ready to return to training.

And my return to training will mark a leap back into training with some more focused training sessions, increased training time and increased vigilance to my nutrition.


My plan moving forward with the timed sessions, rather than distance, is to monitor each week where my progress is, set new goals each week and keep a detailed journal of sleep, nutrition and supplements, to see what effects each are having on my training.

I still have a houseful this morning, so will catch up on chores, make my meal plan for the week, get my shopping done and get some meal prep completed for the week!

Only 41 weeks until CDA Ironman, every week counts!!


What do you do when you are down from surgery or illness? Favorite comfort food?

How do you track your training progress? App? Journal? Calendar?

What is your least favorite chore around the house?

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