2016 Race Schedule

I think I have firmed up my race schedule for 2016.


First up, Coeur D’Alene Indoor Triathlon. I haven’t done an indoor triathlon before, so this should be interesting, but a good way to start the year out!

CDA Indoor

Then, the local Snake River Triathlon. This was my first ever triathlon last year! I am excited to see how much my time will change! And I think that my girl Amber is planning to do this one as her first triathlon as well!

Next up, another indoor tri, the Krocman Indoor Triathlon.

Then, Onionman, which is an olympic distance race. I really wanted to do this one last year, but it was the same weekend as another race I was doing. So I am excited to do this one!

Followed by the Coeur D’Alene Marathon. I ran this previously, which is where I fractured the bone in my foot and had to drop to the half marathon distance. So I am excited to take another crack at this one. It is a very challenging course, with lots of hills!

CDA Marathon

Next up, Coeur D’Alene Ironman 70.3! WOO HOO!

Then, Hayden Triathlon. This was a super fun race, and I am excited to do it again!


Followed by Spudman! This is an olympic distance race. And honestly I just love the name! Ha!!


Then, the CDA Triathlon, which is also an olympic distance race.

CDA Triathlon

And then, my “A Race”, Ironman Coeur D’Alene!!! All the races and training will be leading up to this race!!! And crossing that finish line and hearing “BRANDI JEFFRIES, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN”!!!!!


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