Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction Surgery was Successful!

So yesterday was the surgery, Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction Surgery.


I am not sure that I have discussed here my need to eat and eat often, but I have a serious grouchiness when I don’t eat. So I was able to have a cup of coffee yesterday morning, but nothing else… Thankfully no one died as a result of me not eating. 🙂 We had to arrive at the hospital two hours prior to the surgery. I change into a backless gown, the nurses asked me a handful of questions, checked my vitals and started an IV. Both the doctor and the anesthesiologist came in and told me what the plan was and what to expect. They also had me do a pregnancy test?? Bizarre. Then I kind of just waited around. I brought my book and Bill brought his iPad, so we just anxiously waited for the doctor to be ready.

The nurses came in and gave me something for anxiety, I kissed Bill and they wheeled me out of the room, on the bed. I was taken to the operating room. They slapped on a handful of heart rate monitors, re-set all the vital machines, and had me transfer over to a different bed. They put me on oxygen, then put the anesthesia in the IV port. Everything goes kinda fuzzy. Then suddenly I wake up. The anesthesia is still on board at first, but then it starts to wear out and my nose hurts. Like being punched right in the face. The nurse then gave me some pain medication. The anesthesia continues to wear off. They give me another dose of pain medications. The nurses in the OR could not have been nicer. I could tell that I was asking the same questions over and over but couldn’t remember what I was asking or what their answers were, but they kept responding and were super nice. The doctor checked in on me, and explained that the procedure had gone perfectly, they only had to do two stitches, and no planks. Then he told me that they gave me cocaine??? What in the world? Apparently they only do this for facial surgeries, but I still found it incredibly insane!


They wheeled me back into the room I started in. Bill was waiting. I think he was relieved that I didn’t look like a total disaster. My nose was bleeding, but otherwise I wasn’t feeling too bad. About that time, the pain was getting worse again, so the nurse gave me more pain medication and an ice pack. They reviewed my discharge paperwork and we were able to leave. We stopped at the pharmacy on the way home, picked up the pain medication, an antibiotic and a nausea medication. Bill also bought me some gauze and some Aleve PM.

Surgery Face

We arrived home, where our daughters were waiting with their babysitter. They were super concerned about the gauze contraption on my face, and the blood, but they too seemed relieved that I was home. The night was tough, with the bleeding and wearing the gauze thing on my face and the pain, I did not sleep well, at all.

But I certainly made up for that today! I slept off and on, watched eight movies, and laid around all day. Tonight the bleeding has really slowed down and the pain medication is keeping the pain at bay. I really hope to get a good nights sleep tonight. Fingers crossed.

Bill has been a saint, making dinner, doing the dishes and dotting on me all evening. I am so fortunate to have him.

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