Sunday Before Surgery Prep

Sunday prep this week is a little different than weeks prior. Prepping for surgery and for being laid up for the week. So Sunday Prep this week instead looked like this:

  • Meal planning that the hubby can handle, I do all the cooking and cleaning around here, so this could be a long week for him… Poor guy.
  • Foods on hand that I can tolerate on pain meds. My previous experience with surgery after my wisdom teeth pulled was pretty miserable… I’m really hoping it’s not the same experience.
  • Clean house, top to bottom, so I don’t go insane next week. Done.
  • All laundry done, so no one has to go to school/work naked next week!
  • Good book, good shows ready to go.
  • Prepped to develop The Mermaid and I’s Ironman CDA training plan.
  • Tomorrow, wrap everything up at work, set my out of office email and voicemail!


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