Sunday Prep

Great training day today with The Mermaid. First a 5 mile run in the 22 degree weather.


Followed by a great swim. Which felt so warm because I had been soooo cold running. We made videos of our swims. What a cool way to really evaluate my stroke and body/head alignment. Fun stuff!!!

I am a little jealous of how graceful The Mermaid looks in the water. She’s so smooth and graceful in the water. Me, not so much.


My diet has been majorly off since Thanksgiving, so tonight, prepping all my meals for the week! Starting with my old favorite Overnight Oats for breakfast.


Italian chicken for lunch!! And I’ll be back on track with MyFitnessPal. Woot.


Gettin’ It Done Saturday!!


Amazing strength session today!!!



I had to re-do my training schedule to incorporate the two upcoming marathons in 2016. Looking forward to putting in those nice long runs and the amazing satisfaction I feel afterwards.


Here is the upcoming week for me!!!!

Gear Geek Box #2

My second gear geek box came today!!!


There is nothing more fun than a box of Tri stuff showing up at your house, no idea what’s inside and opening it up!!


The box!


The inside mystery shield!

Awesome TorHans AERO20! It mounts  between your aero bars, allowing you to stay hydrated while remaining down in aero. It’s a 20 ounce bottle with a fill-on-the-go cap so you can keep riding and refill the bottle on the course. I mounted it tonight, it’s a snug fit and works amazingly!!! Another post to come with it mounted on my bike, Cerebrus!


RACER Wall Frame! Cannot wait to put my Boise IM 70.3 bib and pic in this!! I’ll post more when it’s finished!

Swift Carbon Visor and Bottle Cage! I think the bottle cage will be the next blog giveaway, as my bike is already all set for hydration, but this cage is super light and great quality!

In case you missed Gear Geak Box #1, here is the info about what it’s all about per there website.


As a GearGeekBox subscriber, you’ll enjoy the direct benefit of having access to the deep industry knowledge and expertise of the company’s founders. Each month, we’ll send you a box of hand-selected gear, based on your personal preferences, to help you with your training and racing needs as well as fun, practical triathlon lifestyle items. After all, new gear helps you train better, race faster and — perhaps most importantly — be the coolest, most-in-the-know triathlete around.

Well over $100 worth of products for $59.99 monthly subscription, and less if you subscribe quarterly or annually! Also would make a perfect gift for a friend or family member new into triathlon!

Super Motivated Monday!

I am not sure that today could have been more motivating!!

First, a great ride on the trainer this morning:


Followed by this amazing news, I am going to both Ironman Cozumel 70.3 and the Hilo Hawaii Triathlon! What?! These aren’t even my “A-Races”, but I am so excited to do these destination races!



And if that wasn’t enough awesomeness for one day,  I came home to two AMAZING OGIO Endurance tops! I will do a full post about how amazing they are very soon!

I love this:


And I am chasing my dreams like never before. 2016 WILL BE AN INCREDIBLE ADVENTURE.


Sunday Prep

Holidays always add a little stress to the training schedule. And we will have a super full house for Thanksgiving Day! All the kiddos and family! Woo hoo!


But now with the addition of Hawaii and Mexico on my race schedule for 2016, time to dial in my training even tighter, I don’t just want to make it through these races, I want a solid finish.

1. How did you flex your schedule for the holiday?

2. Have you ever done a vacation race? Was it amazing?

SOS Giveaway!!!

What is SOS?


SOS helps Increase Hydration, Focus, Stamina, and Physical Performance, and assists you to get more out of your water intake!


SOS is the perfect mix for optimal hydration.

So, what is better than a giveaway!?!? 8 ways to win a giveaway!!


Entry open until Monday, when I announce the winner of the giveaway!! Comment below, if you are already following all five ways and I will enter you to win!!



Check them out here! See my face here!


What Every Triathlete Really Wants For Christmas


Every year, I see all these blogs or social media posts discussing the Top Christmas Items that everyone wants… And I look through these things and wonder, “what the heck would I do with personalized napkins/an actual camera/a zen garden”. Who really wants this stuff?

I am not a huge Christmas fan. Christmas feels like you are busy buying people anything and everything just to mark their name off your list. I would prefer to buy everyone a gift card, to somewhere that they would actually get what they want, something that they will use and not just shove into the re-gift closet… But that’s often perceived as an un-thoughtful gift.

So, what is it that a Triathlete wants for Christmas? Well, in my humble opinion, here is the list of things that I would have wanted starting out in the triathlon world:

– The Ogio 9.0 Athletic Bag: Here is the long and the short of triathlon training, you have a lot of crap to carry to events, to the locker room, to the pool, to the gym, to the river, to the levee… These bags are designed to hold all of your stuff, all of the time, so you aren’t switching in and out of 5 different bags. Best purchase you will ever make.

– Honey Stinger Waffles: These are my absolute fav. If they weren’t specifically for training, I would probably lay around on the coach eating them all night long.

– Cute Shoes like the Mizuno Hitogami’s : There are some days that an amazingly cute pair of shoes is what gets me out the door. These are the shoes that I am rocking right now, AND I LOVE THEM!!!

– Hoo Ha Ride Glide: No one wants chapped or chafed lady bits. This stuff is amazing for those long (or not so long) bike rides. It has some sort of numbing agent as well, that is pretty legit for comfort. And they even have perfect stocking stuffer sizes!!!

– Fenix 3 or Any Awesome Watch with GPS & Swimming Capabilities: I adore the Fenix 3, it works in every single way that I could ever want it to. Plus a daily activity tracker. Plus it syncs to my phone with messaging/calls/email/calendar updates. I seriously love this watch.

– Good Socks, my FAVS are the Under Armour Liner No-Show Socks: I love how light and thin these socks are, and love them for running, cycling and pretty much anything else.

– Pre-Workout like Shroom Tech: This is the only pre-workout that I have ever used that doesn’t make me anxious. It’s a clean pre-workout, with cordyceps sinensis mushroom, adaptogens, antioxidants, and methyl B-12. It is in a capsule, so no nasty drink to chug down. And you can take it even when you aren’t working out, for super powers while vacuuming!

– S.O.S. Hydration: This stuff works a couple of different ways, one to hydrate you while working out and two to rehydrate you when you maybe have played a little too hard. These fit perfectly in a stocking!

– Handheld Water Bottle or Fuel Belt w/ Bib Holder: Hydrating and fueling while training is absolutely a must, having the right gear to do that makes everything so much better!

– Rest! And assistance with rest with New Mood: One thing that triathletes, well all athletes need, is rest. I have an extremely difficult time falling asleep, yet anything that you can take like Benadryl or ZZZQuil leaves me feeling drowsy the following morning and even one glass of wine leaves me dehydrated. This is the perfect answer, no side effects and it works in about 30 minutes. The extra bonus, it is filled with feel good natural supplements as well, such as 5HTP, Valerian, and Magnesium.

You Make Your Happiness : Motivational Monday

imageI’ve been feeling kinda stressed lately. I saw this on the FB machine today, and it really hit home. I need to make my own happiness. All I can do is be happy, with where I am right now and with how things are right now. So, I’m going to re-boot, focus on all the amazing things that I do have going on in my life.

  1. I have an amazing hubby that loves and supports me. That stands behind me, and when things seem crazy or hard, guides me the direction that I need to go. Even if it’s the harder road. And reminds me to stay the course, even when I want to give up.
  2. Two amazing little girls, that I would do anything and everything to ensure their happiness. And they are happy, easy going girls. They are funny and they are changing so much. They are maturing and becoming little adults. And I love the way that my relationship with them keeps getting better and better.
  3. Three super stepsons, that I think also like me. And I feel like every time they are here, our relationships, which are more like really cool friendships, keep getting better, which makes me super happy.
  4. A sister and neice that are the coolest two people on this earth. I love spending every moment I can with them! And my sisters bf, is pretty awesome too.
  5. A mom and step dad Gerry that I can call at anytime for anything, no matter what.
  6. A mother in law and father in law that I adore and that mean the world to my girls and I.
  7. A dad, that is more like a really great friend, someone I can laugh with and talk to, yet feel totally at ease with.
  8. Two amazing best friends, Amber and Twila, that I not only can train with, but I can talk to and trust, no drama, no weird friend crap, just good, amazing, totally real people.
  9. Two brothers that, although I don’t see much, I’m blessed to have.
  10. A bunch of great friends that I can laugh and be around, which sometimes you just need to do.
  11. My health is amazing. I’m not having any more colds, bronchitis or pneumonia! I can breath threw my nose! Hurray!!
  12. And I’m training for an Ironman! Something that I have the time, the flexibility, and the financial ability to do! Along with some pretty awesome sponsors and ambassadorships!


(And no, I’m not referring to Bill when I talk about stress, we are as happy as clams, above is our latest selfie.)


  1. Ironman CDA – August 2016
  2. Ironman University Training Plan done!
  3. Already on it! Two workouts done today!
  4. Tough it out. The exercise is amazing for me and the goal will be worth the work!
  5. BOOM!!!


So true! I need this to be my mantra, the background noise that pushes me to stay positive and happy!

Triple Workout Sweaty Sunday!

What a day!


Ran this morning with the The Mermaid. It was nice out, at that time, around 50 degrees and clear. Ran the bridge loop. It felt good to be running again.

Came home and changed into my biking gear, including a new tank that my hubby had made for me! It’s an Ironman CDA ‘In Training’ tank. Nothing like that to keep me motivated! He also had “Team Brandi” custom IMCDA shirts made for him, my sted-dad and my girls! What a great team of support I have! Spent an hour in the saddle, couldn’t have felt better!

And finally, a nice easy swim with The Mermaid. Spent the last five minutes at the pool attempting a flip turn, which watching The Mermaid gracefully do seems likes a cake walk, but in reality, it’s like water boarding yourself over and over… Needless to say, this either needs a lot more work or I won’t be doing it at the indoor tri’s that I have slated!


I started a nutrition course through Ironman University today while on my bike trainer. I love the “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food” quote. I love these courses. Anything that I can learn from Pro Ironman Athletes and Master Ironman coaches is like gold.


I struggled a little this week staying on track, not quite the first week back “In Training” that I was hoping for… But I feel good about the training that I got in. Confident that this week will be better!

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