Super Motivated Monday!

I am not sure that today could have been more motivating!! First, a great ride on the trainer this morning: Followed by this amazing news, I am going to both Ironman Cozumel 70.3 and the Hilo Hawaii Triathlon! What?! These aren’t even my “A-Races”, but I am so excited to do these destination races! And if that wasn’t enough awesomeness for one day, ย I came … Continue reading Super Motivated Monday!

SOS Giveaway!!!

What is SOS? SOS helps Increase Hydration, Focus, Stamina, and Physical Performance, and assists you to get more out of your water intake! SOS is the perfect mix for optimal hydration. So, what is better than a giveaway!?!? 8 ways to win a giveaway!! Entry open until Monday, when I announce the winner of the giveaway!! Comment below, if you are already following all five … Continue reading SOS Giveaway!!!

What Every Triathlete Really Wants For Christmas

Every year, I see all these blogs or social media posts discussing the Top Christmas Items that everyone wants… And I look through these things and wonder, “what the heck would I do with personalized napkins/an actual camera/a zen garden”. Who really wants this stuff? I am not a huge Christmas fan. Christmas feels like you are busy buying people anything and everything just to … Continue reading What Every Triathlete Really Wants For Christmas

You Make Your Happiness : Motivational Monday

I’ve been feeling kinda stressed lately. Iย saw this on the FB machine today, and it really hit home. I need to make my own happiness. All I can do is be happy, with where I am right now and with how things are right now. So, I’m going to re-boot, focus on all the amazing things that I do have going on in my life. … Continue reading You Make Your Happiness : Motivational Monday

Triple Workout Sweaty Sunday!

What a day! Ran this morning with the The Mermaid. It was nice out, at that time, around 50 degrees and clear. Ran the bridge loop. It felt good to be running again. Came home and changed into my biking gear, including a new tank that my hubby had made for me! It’s an Ironman CDA ‘In Training’ tank. Nothing like that to keep me … Continue reading Triple Workout Sweaty Sunday!