ENT Saga Part Two: Allergies

So, as a kid, I grew up thinking I had severe environmental allergies, was on all kinds of allergy medications and have been throughout my life. Part of this ENT testing was to also have a full allergy screen.


So part one, was a full panel of dozens of environmental allergens. The do this by dipping these little razory, scratchy things, into allergens, then scratch your skin with them, then wait for a response. So I sit there, oh so patiently, and NOTHING! Not a single reaction. Turns out these “allergies” were just due to the deviated septum. Hurray!


Part two, which I just got the results back on yesterday, was a blood test for food allergies. When I was having migraines more severely and more frequently, the doctor had thought there was a chance these were caused by something I was eating, but after changing my diet off and on, nothing really stood out as the culprit. Turns out I do have a food allergy. To eggs.


This might not be a big deal to most people but I love eggs. I seriously eat about four eggs a day, every day… I have an egg-lady, someone who raises chickens and brings me eggs… Heart-broken… Seriously…


Stay Tuned! Tomorrow, Egg Allergies, What Does that Even Mean???

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