ENT Saga Part One: Deviated Septum

So, as I previously blogged about going to the ENT. I had the MRI which showed, as the doctor had already determined, that my septum is deviated and will need to be surgically repaired. The MRI also showed that my previous excessive use of Afrin has damaged my sinus passages, apparently Afrin is like the poison of nasal medications… I may or may not have been warned about this by my nursing friends.


So, next Tuesday, Nasal Demolition! The ENT will put me to sleep, intubate me (so I can breathe), go through my nostrils, make an incision in the lining of my septum, remove the bone that is obstructing my breathing. There is a possibility that splints will have to be placed for stabilization. All of this should take place in around an hour.


The downside, I won’t be able to workout for five days, random nosebleeds just happen. What the heck??


Tomorrow, ENT Saga Part Two: Allergies

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