Un-Motivated Monday

Sometimes, we just have days, that we just aren’t ourselves. Today is that day for me.


I didn’t eat well at all over the weekend, my routine was off, I didn’t meal prep or go grocery shopping, so my cummy eating has passed on to today. I did spin this morning, and did feel that I worked hard while doing so, but since then haven’t felt well at all.

Eating Bad

On top of my training and eating, I had a disappointing week at work last week, and need to re-center myself on that front.


I did crochet last night, and while I know that sounds like a silly thing to do, in the past when I have been feeling overly-down or overly-stressed, this has helped immensely.


So long story short, I am going to allow myself the afternoon to pout, not feel well and re-group. I need to sit down and set some new goals for myself, my eating, my work life and my home life. So that will be my workout of the evening.


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