Gear Geek Box #1

So look what came in the mail! My first Gear Geek Box!


I know you are just dying to know more about this and its contents!

image image

First of all, Honey Stinger chews! I absolutely love Honey Stinger products, so this is awesome. I hadn’t tried this kind until tonight and they are super yummy. Honey Stinger products don’t cause the GI issues that most other products cause, in my opinion anyways. And are organic, so no weird chemicals and products. Mostly, as their name states, honey.


Trislide! This is actually pretty slick. It’s a spray rather than a lotion or a deodorant-style bar. So you just spray in go. Which will be especially nice in transition. I used it tonight, and it seemed pretty effective.

image image image

And these slick sunglasses! They are from XX2i! They are super cute, super light and super comfortable. The piece by the ear and the nose piece can be swapped out, they came with two additional colors. They also came with both a hard case and a soft cleaner case.

image image

I ran in them tonight. They stayed perfectly on my face, no bouncing or moving. They had great visibility. They felt great and light on my face. They also were the perfect tint for a sunny run like tonight’s!


What is the Gear Geek Box you ask? This is how their website describes it:

As a GearGeekBox subscriber, you’ll enjoy the direct benefit of having access to the deep industry knowledge and expertise of the company’s founders. Each month, we’ll send you a box of hand-selected gear, based on your personal preferences, to help you with your training and racing needs as well as fun, practical triathlon lifestyle items. After all, new gear helps you train better, race faster and — perhaps most importantly — be the coolest, most-in-the-know triathlete around.

Cool service and even cooler products! Big win!! Nearly $150 worth of products for $59.99 monthly subscription, and less if you subscribe quarterly or annually! Also would make a perfect gift for a friend or family member new into triathlon!

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