Supplement Madness!!!

After texting with my mom this morning about supplements, I realized this was the second or third time this week that I have had someone ask me about what supplements I take and why. So below is a rundown of what I take and why. Please note that not all supplements work for all people, that supplements are not monitored by the FDA therefore it is unknown what their side effects may be and how they interact with prescribed medications. This is simply what works for me. Also, I am not being paid to review any of the below supplements, am not sponsored by them and have not received them for free to review.



I am not particular on the brand but I do use this same dose age each time. I love Magnesium, I think everyone should. Here are the reasons I take it, but there are many, many more benefits associated to it.

  1. Helps with muscle aches and soreness. I can tell when I have taken this and when I haven’t.
  2. Reduces frequency and duration of migraines.
  3. Prevents bone loss.
  4. Assists with mood stabilization, making me less of a grump.
  5. increased quality of sleep.


Multi Mineral Vitamin

I’m not super picky about my multi-vitamins. But I have used this for several months and I like it. Here is a good review, not my own words, about the Solaray Mega Multi Mineral:

Minerals aid in the formation and strengthening of bones and teeth
Help regulate cellular metabolism
Regulate blood pH, and helpmaintain a healthy heart rhythm.
Promotes Balanced pH Levels
Provides Cellular Energy
Full Range Minerals
Major & Trace Minerals
Highly Potent Formula
Every living cell on our planet requires minerals. Minerals are required for the proper composition of body fluids, formation of blood and bone, healthy nerve functions, regulation of muscle tone (including cardiovascular muscles). Minerals function as coenzymes, enabling the body to perform its functions, such as energy production, growth and healing. The balance of minerals in the human body is of vital importance. A deficiency of one mineral can lead to a chain reaction affecting all mineral levels which can lead to illness.


Shroom Tech Sport

I just started taking this, it has replaced my pre-workout drink and I have really liked how well it works. Here is what their website has to say about the product:

“ADVANCED ATP ENERGY with Cordyceps Sinensis
The idea behind Shroom TECH Sport was to create a supplement that real athletes could take safely every day — even the day of competition. We wanted clean energy, ingredients with a history of use in high-level competition, and general health benefits; we believe we have found it in our exclusive combination of cordyceps sinensis mushroom, adaptogens, antioxidants, and methyl B-12. Shroom TECH Sport battles fatigue with a strategy unlike any other supplement on the market, providing cellular energy through the production of ATP rather than purely stimulant-based energy, and helping the body to improve oxygen utilization so you can go longer, recover faster, and set a new personal best.”

I do feel that I get then energy that I crave from a pre-workout but without all the chemicals. It’s a touch more expensive, but I’ve felt it was worth it.


New Mood

I also just started taking this. I have a difficult time falling asleep (for years I relied on Benadryl, but hate the morning grogginess). My job is also stressful and I have a hard time relaxing and shutting off my me at night this really seems to help. Here is what their website says:

Serotonin has been shown to be a key neurotransmitter linked to mood, happiness, and positive outlook. Combining the two raw building blocks of serotonin, L-tryptophan and 5-HTP, with a converting catalyst, Vitamin B6, New MOOD provides the nutrients to help the body become a serotonin-boosting powerhouse. Adding to the naturally relaxing effects of L-Tryptophan are a host of traditional anti-stress herbs designed to bring you into a state of peaceful calm. Magnesium is an essential mineral vital for muscle relaxation and Vitamin D3 which is increasingly deficient in our diets, has further been linked to positive mood benefits. Ideal for when you are under stress, anxious, or exhausted, New MOOD is also optimal for daily use.


Oregano Essential Oil 

I am going to start by saying, this tastes awful. It’s like chocking down the most god-awful thing imaginable, so I don’t take this because I like it. I take it because I think it works. Oregano works as a very natural antibiotics, after having pneumonia once and bronchitis several times in a very short time span, using four different prescription antibiotics, steroids and an inhaler, I was willing to try just about anything. I haven’t had an infection since. There is a lot of research out there about how and why it works. The other great thing about Oregano essential oil is this:

Oregano is rich in carvacrol, flavonoids and terpenes, all compounds that act as ‘lung-cleansing elements.’ So, oregano will clear the respiratory tract and bronchial tubes, giving relief from asthma attacks.


MRM Smart Blend (Smart Blend™ CLA, GLA & Omega-3 Complex)

There is tons of research out there on why fatty acids are so important. Fatty acids become depleted in athletes. Your body doesn’t make these on its own. Fatty acids support heart health and your immune system. Fatty acids enhances body fat reduction, enhances healthy cholesterol levels, elicits powerful antioxidant activity, increasing muscle tissue recovery, and balancing hormone (such as testosterone and insulin) production.



I tend to run pretty anemic, so I’ve taken iron for several years. When I don’t take it I’m covered in bruises, when I do take it I’m covered in a few bruises. Iron is not shown to do much for people who’s iron is not low, so if you don’t need it, don’t use it. It’s one medication that you can take too much of, and men should check with a doctor before using it.


Sport Legs

It primes muscles with lactate, your muscles’ natural fuel, so they make less lactic acid. I use this an hour before each cardio workout. I can tell a difference when I use it.

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