Egg Allergies: What Can I Even Eat Now??

It’s funny, I was visiting with The Mermaid about this egg thing, mulling over all the things that eggs are in and she said to me, “It probably would be better to focus on the things that you can eat rather than the things that you can’t.”. One of the things that I love about training with The Mermaid is that is pretty much her attitude about everything. She is always positive, always supportive and always says the exact thing that I need to hear.

Eggs 1

So while the list of things that I cannot eat, or should try to eat only every four days (I don’t understand the logic between the every four days thing…) is long…

  1. Egg powder
  2. Dried eggs
  3. Egg solids
  4. Breaded and batter-fried foods
  5. Caesar salad dressing
  6. Cream pies, fillings, and puffs
  7. Crepes and waffles
  8. Custards
  9. Puddings
  10. Ice cream
  11. Eggnog
  12. Eggrolls
  13. Egg substitutes
  14. Coffee drinks like cappuccino (eggs are sometimes used to help create the foam)
  15. Lollipops and other candies
  16. Marshmallows and marzipan
  17. Mayonnaise
  18. Meatloaf and meatballs
  19. Meringue and frostings
  20. Pastas
  21. Sauces, including Hollandaise and tartar sauce
  22. Simplesse (fat substitute)
  23. Soufflés
  24. Soups and consommés

Eggs by Other Names:

  1. Albumin
  2. Globulin
  3. Lecithin
  4. Lysozyme
  5. Ovalbumin
  6. Ovovitellin

So, what can I eat? Well, in a nut shell, most healthy foods… So unprocessed foods, like fruits, veggies, meats, nuts, ect are obviously safe foods. So maybe, in the long run, this is just going to be healthier all around? Right?

Egg 219

Egg Allergies, What Does that Even Mean???

So, yesterday, I blogged about the food allergy testing and the sad realization that I’m allergic to eggs. Just you know, one of the main staples of my diet…


What does this mean? Well, it’s a delayed reaction allergy, meaning I won’t an epi pen or have a serious reaction, like my throat swelling shut. On a five point scale, my allergy rates at a 3, so even at a delayed reaction, this isn’t life or death by any means.


But, among many other odd side effects, egg allergies can cause nasal inflammation or congestion, asthma symptoms and coughing, migraines and even GI issues.


Why didn’t I see an ENT years ago? Between this and the deviated septum, could have saved me a lot of pain, trouble, money and hassle… But cheers, to moving forward! Hurray!!


Stay tuned, tomorrow, What Can I Even Eat Now??

ENT Saga Part Two: Allergies

So, as a kid, I grew up thinking I had severe environmental allergies, was on all kinds of allergy medications and have been throughout my life. Part of this ENT testing was to also have a full allergy screen.


So part one, was a full panel of dozens of environmental allergens. The do this by dipping these little razory, scratchy things, into allergens, then scratch your skin with them, then wait for a response. So I sit there, oh so patiently, and NOTHING! Not a single reaction. Turns out these “allergies” were just due to the deviated septum. Hurray!


Part two, which I just got the results back on yesterday, was a blood test for food allergies. When I was having migraines more severely and more frequently, the doctor had thought there was a chance these were caused by something I was eating, but after changing my diet off and on, nothing really stood out as the culprit. Turns out I do have a food allergy. To eggs.


This might not be a big deal to most people but I love eggs. I seriously eat about four eggs a day, every day… I have an egg-lady, someone who raises chickens and brings me eggs… Heart-broken… Seriously…


Stay Tuned! Tomorrow, Egg Allergies, What Does that Even Mean???

ENT Saga Part One: Deviated Septum

So, as I previously blogged about going to the ENT. I had the MRI which showed, as the doctor had already determined, that my septum is deviated and will need to be surgically repaired. The MRI also showed that my previous excessive use of Afrin has damaged my sinus passages, apparently Afrin is like the poison of nasal medications… I may or may not have been warned about this by my nursing friends.


So, next Tuesday, Nasal Demolition! The ENT will put me to sleep, intubate me (so I can breathe), go through my nostrils, make an incision in the lining of my septum, remove the bone that is obstructing my breathing. There is a possibility that splints will have to be placed for stabilization. All of this should take place in around an hour.


The downside, I won’t be able to workout for five days, random nosebleeds just happen. What the heck??


Tomorrow, ENT Saga Part Two: Allergies

Un-Motivated Monday

Sometimes, we just have days, that we just aren’t ourselves. Today is that day for me.


I didn’t eat well at all over the weekend, my routine was off, I didn’t meal prep or go grocery shopping, so my cummy eating has passed on to today. I did spin this morning, and did feel that I worked hard while doing so, but since then haven’t felt well at all.

Eating Bad

On top of my training and eating, I had a disappointing week at work last week, and need to re-center myself on that front.


I did crochet last night, and while I know that sounds like a silly thing to do, in the past when I have been feeling overly-down or overly-stressed, this has helped immensely.


So long story short, I am going to allow myself the afternoon to pout, not feel well and re-group. I need to sit down and set some new goals for myself, my eating, my work life and my home life. So that will be my workout of the evening.


Sunday Prep

Pretty good little weekend! All five kids this weekend. Two great bike rides, 20 miles each day. A great fundraiser Saturday night, for a woman who is so incredibly strong it’s unbelievable. And fun at the pumpkin patch this afternoon.


Another busy week ahead!!!

10 Types of People Who Annoy Me While I Workout


10. The I’m-creepily-watching-you-while-you-workout-guy… Yes guy, I’m working out, no guy, I’m not here picking up dudes.

9. The I-don’t-need-to-say-on-your-left-cyclist. Seriously, you are going to ride right beside me, not be bothered to announce yourself, and nearly run me over. Look guy, I didn’t come out to run, to try and die. You announce yourself or I’ll stick a tree branch in your wheel.

8. The lady-who-moves-to-the-left-when-you-are-the-cyclist-saying-on-your-left. Look dumbass, I’m not directing you to doom. I’m telling you where I will be in relation to your body. I’ll assume if you step in front of my bike, that you did indeed go out for a run, to try and die.

7. Lady-who-farts-in-spinning. If you are up-stream in the fan air from me, you hold your fart. I don’t want to inhale your fart. Don’t be a dick lady. Take your fart somewhere else.

6. Lady-who-farts-in-spinning-who-also-thinks-that-she-owns-the-class-spin-bike. Look. This is a gym. I pay to come spin, the same way you do. These bikes are all the same. I know you love being upstream from everyone to fart in their air, but you can’t claim a bike for the next five years to do so. If you want your own bike, take you farting ass home and buy a bike.

5. Family-who-doesn’t-watch-their-kid-on-the-bike. You know the one. That family, with the one super crazy kid, about three miles away from their family, riding right down the middle of the bike path, wildly… Rein your kid in or teach them bike path etiquette. I will happily run your little deamon spawn right over.

4. Little-group-of morning-walkers-who-can’t-say-hello-in-response. When I’m out running, and I say, hi, or good morning, you should say, hello back. This applies to you too morning-aquatic-center-worker, even more so, you are being paid to be nice, so be nice.

3. Guy-who-doesn’t-leash-his-dog. I don’t know you, I don’t trust you. So I certainly don’t know or trust your dog. I don’t care what breed, what size or how friendly you think your dog is, it makes me nervous. Put your dog on a leash, or leave it at home. I don’t want to guess if I’m safe or not.

2. Lady-who-doesn’t-swim-laps-but-takes-a-lane. Look lady, there is a half of a pool dedicated to doing water aerobics. If I have to share a lane with some creep-o, so you can do what half of the pool is dedicated to elsewhere, I will hide your crocs. That’s right, no crocs to go home in today.

1. Lady-who feeds-the-squirrels. Yes lady, you are officially my number one. When you feed the squirrels, they assume that every runner/cyclist is their local meals-on-wheels provider. I don’t want those nasty, germ infested, fur monsters running up to me with any expectation other than being crushed by either by bike wheel or my foot.


Gear Geek Box #1

So look what came in the mail! My first Gear Geek Box!


I know you are just dying to know more about this and its contents!

image image

First of all, Honey Stinger chews! I absolutely love Honey Stinger products, so this is awesome. I hadn’t tried this kind until tonight and they are super yummy. Honey Stinger products don’t cause the GI issues that most other products cause, in my opinion anyways. And are organic, so no weird chemicals and products. Mostly, as their name states, honey.


Trislide! This is actually pretty slick. It’s a spray rather than a lotion or a deodorant-style bar. So you just spray in go. Which will be especially nice in transition. I used it tonight, and it seemed pretty effective.

image image image

And these slick sunglasses! They are from XX2i! They are super cute, super light and super comfortable. The piece by the ear and the nose piece can be swapped out, they came with two additional colors. They also came with both a hard case and a soft cleaner case.

image image

I ran in them tonight. They stayed perfectly on my face, no bouncing or moving. They had great visibility. They felt great and light on my face. They also were the perfect tint for a sunny run like tonight’s!


What is the Gear Geek Box you ask? This is how their website describes it:

As a GearGeekBox subscriber, you’ll enjoy the direct benefit of having access to the deep industry knowledge and expertise of the company’s founders. Each month, we’ll send you a box of hand-selected gear, based on your personal preferences, to help you with your training and racing needs as well as fun, practical triathlon lifestyle items. After all, new gear helps you train better, race faster and — perhaps most importantly — be the coolest, most-in-the-know triathlete around.

Cool service and even cooler products! Big win!! Nearly $150 worth of products for $59.99 monthly subscription, and less if you subscribe quarterly or annually! Also would make a perfect gift for a friend or family member new into triathlon!

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