It’s Been A Great Birthday!!

What a terrific birthday!!! I have the best friends, the most amazing hubby, the sweetest kids and the most wonderful family. I am beyond blessed.


Wattie Ink gear from my hubby!!!! I love this stuff! He was so sneaky, I had no idea! I cannot wait to train in the new kit!!


All this awesome stuff from the mermaid! The macadamia nuts are my absolute favorite and they are soooo expensive that I feel incredibly guilty when I buy them! Yum! And the candle is Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake which made my bath luxurious!!

Today was such a great day!Β Slept til 7, woo hoo! Ran with The Marmaid and Haili came! Followed by Starbucks where we ran into my sister. Watched the niners lose (bummer) while snuggling Bill (worth it). Swam with the girls and Amber. Bill made dinner, taco lettuce boats. Now watching our shows, all four of us snuggling. πŸ™‚

Next Week:


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