This is My Life – Take One

So I had someone ask me today, what my typical day looks like. Which I thought would be fun to share with you all, so here is a typical Monday. So, before I start, you should know that I am a very routine person, VERY ROUTINE. I have a work calendar, a family calendar and both are plugged into my phone and my iPad. So to say I like to plan is an understatement… My mother-in-law, Juney, stayed for the weekend. She’s one of my absolute favorite people, not just because she birthed her son, who I am so thankfully married to, but because I adore the person she is.


So today my life looked like this:

4:20am – my morning alarm, kiss my hubby, he tells me to be safe, meeting The Mermaid at the pool

5-5:30am – pool time, and it’s packed, Masters swimming has moved indoors, so they are there as we finish

6am – back home, coffee on, my 8 year old wants the tips of her hair dyed purple, so we tackle that, kiss my hubby some more

6:30am – girls getting around for school, kissing/hugging/telling Juney goodbye as she treks back home today, more coffee and my protein shake, switch laundry

7:15am – girls on the bus, get the final morning dishes in the dishwasher, go kiss on my hubby some more (I like him), my turn to get around for work, I manage to bother with blow drying my hair, WINNING!

8am – one last visit with my hubby while he dozes (he’s sleepy today), grab my food (I meal prep on Sunday, so in the morning, it’s no thinking)

8am-3pm – work, and today was crazy, three care conferences (which are visits with residents families, usually discussing concerns), my grandmother admitted to our facility as end of life (so doing the family thing for my dad and grandpa), I eat breakfast at my morning management team meeting, and cashews just before a noon care conference, lots of emails and transferring a patient, crazy busy…

3pm – my girls get home from school, we don’t use the sitter on Monday’s and Wednesday’s, so I meet them at home, we get changed and around for a run/bike ride, have a snack and head to the levee – I get a few emails and texts from work, which is typical for the days I leave early, but nothing I can’t handle from my phone (my boss is very flexible)

4pm – get my run in, the girls ride their bikes ahead, I realize that I’ve been so busy at work, I’ve forgotten to eat since the cashews, so my run kind of stinks, but it’s in, so good enough

4:45pm – go see my grandma at the building, bring her some flowers, the girls are sad to see her this way

5:15pm – home again, walk the dog, girls get their reading and homework done, Bill is out of town, so not our typically nightly routine

6pm – dinner (I meal plan on the weekend, so our groceries are here and I just make dinner as planned), the girls are easy to please, so dinner is just visiting about school and such

6:30pm – the girls and I watch Elf, this is seriously my favorite movie

7pm – half way through the movie, they decide they want their hair dyed, so we do that


7:30pm – snuggle time with the girls, missing my hubby, finishing the movie

8:30pm – Blog time, girls watching an odd cartoon “Uncle Grandpa”

9pm – girls’ bed time (I usually have glass of wine and snuggle Bill until I fall asleep after they go to bed but because he’s not home, I plan to indulge in back to back episodes of Forensic Files!!)

One thought on “This is My Life – Take One

  1. This was the first email I read this morning……I am so warmly touched it almost brought tears to my eyes.
    Thank you for that! 😘. I totally feel the same way about you! You are one very special woman! I am so glad you
    are in my life and a part of our family.
    I Love you! Have a fabulous day!!




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