The final stretch…

Well, on the home stretch before the next Half Iron Distance Triathlon, with just a week away. Been thinking a lot about what I am going to do from here. I struggle when I don’t have clear goals, and I really struggle when I don’t have a ticking clock pushing me hard. Since doing half marathons led to doing full marathons, and full marathons led to dozens of crazy races in a year, which led to the notion of triathlons, which finally led to the Half Iron Distance, I think the goal is clear. That Full Ironman, staring me right in the face. Next August, the CDA Ironman will be the ultimate goal.


But now, after next weekend’s race, is officially “Off Season”. I haven’t had an “Off Season” before. I just keep going and going. But this year, I am going to really try to aim for this plan. With a few different “goals”.

  1. Get healthy. Figure out what’s up with my health. Fix it.
  2. Hone in on my nutrition. I waver between eating well and eating like a frat boy. I need to dial this in. Building on a healthy base would be ideal for the IM training starting next May.
  3. Maintain an “Off Season” training schedule, focusing on technique and form which hopefully in turn improves my speed.
  4. Pick up an “Off Season” strength training program. The Ironman University has a very good outline on what this should look like and it looks very manageable.
  5. Set a steady sleep schedule,sleep is so important for training and I need to dial this in. For several years I have struggled with sleep, I usually need to take something to help me sleep and this in turn makes me have a harder time waking all the way up in the morning, hopefully this is something I can work on.

So, new goals, trying to be nice to myself and listen to my body, no pressure or races during the “Off Season” and really dialing things in. We shall see how it goes!


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