Covered in dog kisses…

Still very smokey here in the valley. So I took my training indoors with my bike on the bike trainer. Afterwards did my foam rolling and some good yoga stretching. Does anyone else’s dog stand over them the entire time they stretch and foam roll licking them the entire time?


Also, I started the Ironman University Triathlon Coach certification. It’s such good information, so much information. I’m sooooo excited to apply it to my training!


Also, I made twoย cool triathlon purchases today!!!

First a shortie wetsuit, which I think will give me the bouyancy and confidence I want in a wetsuit without the restriction and heat of my full suit, perfect for warmer swims and shorter races. It should be here Wednesday, so I’ll take it out for an OWS Thursday morning!


And…. I ordered a “fixie” bike. Meaning it only has one gear. Apparently, this should give you a tougher workout when riding on a flater ride (like my weekday rides) and is a heavier bike, so come race day you’ll feel lighter and faster! I’m super excited for this!!!


Pretty, pretty good day!

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