Sunday Prep

Going to be a different sort of week this week. We are traveling to the Seattle for a family vacation later this week and I’m going to have to try to fit my training in around that.image

Ive been utilizing a time journal lately as well, to track my workouts, times, meal prep, homework, chores, ect. So this will come in handy the first part of the week while I dial everything in. This is my number one recommendation for anyone that “doesn’t have time”. Find out where your time is going.


By the way, great open water swim today. 2500 yds in 51 minutes (that’s 700 yds further than my longest OWS and about 13 minutes faster!).


It was exactly the encouragement I needed as we sneak up on our next 70.3 in 4 weeks!!!!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Prep

  1. Really like your idea about the time book to see what your spending your time on I’m gonna jump on that idea swap. Well done on the ows looks amazing wish I had somewhere like that near me


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