Sick of Being Sick!!!

Well… After having more difficulty with my breathing, coughing and generally feeling like shit, I decided to make it back into the doctor this afternoon. He had me do some blood work, which hasn’t come back yet. But he thinks it is medication-resistance bronchitis. So in addition to my stellar inhalers (sarcasm inserted here) he wants me taking Prednisone and Clarithromycin.Β Prednisone for my lungs and Clarithromycin for the infection. Ugh.


And here are some random pics from this week:


Lots and lots of tea this week… Thankfully, I love tea.


Bill busted his melon open this week!! 😟


One week down in the NASM certified personal training course.


New awesome shorts from Mizuno!


My first ever 100yds under 2 minutes on Tuesday!! Hurray!!


Lots of yummy new recipes this week. Chicken Caesar wraps and an Egg Sausage Pepper & Mushroom Bake. So yummy.


Haili helping out at an event for one of Bill’s branches. She was so excited to help!

image image

Best sushi around, for real, at Red Bento in Moscow. And how cool is it that Graci can eat her Pad Thai with chop sticks?? For real.


πŸ’•β€οΈ sweet, sweet, gorgeous lilies from my hubs β€οΈπŸ’•


And this came!!! More to come on SOS products!

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