Hayden Lake Sprint Triathlon

The Hayden Lake Sprint was a terrific race. This week, after a few emails regarding the water temperature, I decided I needed to get comfortable with the idea that I would be swimming without my wetsuit. My wetsuit had become my security blanket in the water, if all else fails, I float. So deciding to swim without it, by far my weakest point in the triathlon, was scary.

Race morning we arrived with transition opening at 5:30am, and it was pouring down rain, and roughly 65 degrees out. There was no parking near the start, so we walked out bikes and gear in.

image image

We got into transition, they announced the water was still wetsuit legal… Of course, I had left my suit at home. Set up my transition area, and after a mud puddle formed, re-set up my transition area. The swim looked daunting, the buoys looked far out into the lake and my nerves set in. I tried to stay busy, stay focused, stay confident in myself.

Once the swimming waves began, I had my nerves under control. My swim group lined up, I stayed near the back, and waded into the water. And then the air horn. My swim went great, slow, not record setting or earth shattering, but I could breath, I didn’t panic and I finished without incident. T1 went great, although wet, everything went quick and smooth and soon I was on my bike. The bike was flat, smooth, and went quickly. The roads were wet, so I was more tense than usual, but went without issue. T2 went fine as well, all my gear was drenched but everything went well. Off to run, just stayed focused on my breathing and staying on pace. Very flat run, lots of supportive spectators, and general fun vibe amongst the competitors. Felt great crossing the finish line!!

image image

What a great time! And great race! Will do this again!


My training partner Twila placed! She even had vertigo! She’s an animal. I couldn’t ask for a cooler, more driven person to be training with.

image image

Yesterday also began day one of a week off work, doing nothing but training, napping and eating with Bill! I’ll be pretending this week I’ve gone pro, and how incredibly awesome that would be! Ha!!

image image

Headed to Portland, stopping off at the waterfalls and having some ice cream.


And after hitting Hillsboro, having some delicious sushi for dinner. Perfect start to this week.

2 thoughts on “Hayden Lake Sprint Triathlon

  1. Enjoy your week as a pro!!! Train hard, eat good food and get in good time w ur hubby!!. I knew you could swim without that wetsuit! And I look forward to getting back in the OW w u my friend!!


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