What do ya know Wednesday – Depression

I am going to change things up around here, and Wednesday’s are going to be a little more focused on things I’m interested in, learning about, or reading. So, pretty much, I’m going to force it on you, because I enjoy it.

A huge interest of mine is mental health. And since working in skilled nursing nursing, depression and such suicidal ideation has been a particular interest of mine. Understanding people, how to better listen to them and ultimately how to help them is something that I can always work to be better at.


I found this article, by VICE my FAV news company.Β I love that it talks to the effected people around someone with depression. Often times, I find the words for the effected resident, but struggle on how to talk to the families, the spouses, their children. Great read.



Sometimes, when my job stresses me out, when I’m overrun with responsibility, and tied up with the parts of my job that I don’t particularly enjoy, I forget why I love what I do. I want to help people.


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