Day One of the NASM Certification Program!!!

My NASM book arrived today!!! I’m pretty excited about this journey. I plan to complete the NASM Certified Personal Trainer program as well as the Ironman University Certifed Coaching program, then develop an online training program to do Personal Training & Triathlon Coaching. Starting with a few people looking to complete their first triathlon, run their first 5k/10k/Half or Full Marathon. I’ll be developing the … Continue reading Day One of the NASM Certification Program!!!

What do ya know Wednesday?

I received an email today for another ambassadorship! It’s for a really cool company focused on hydration! I am excited to move towards making them my primary hydration and share it with you! The company is SOS Rehydrate. Check out the Ambassadorship page here: More to come soon! Got my ride in tonight, since I was a lazy, lazy bones this morning. Quite a … Continue reading What do ya know Wednesday?

What Do Ya Know Wednesday (a few hours late…)

I fell asleep last night without finishing this up! I read this great article yesterday on the Ironman site, check it out: Great tips for triathletes but also just good general health. Good stuff. So yesterday after a yummy breakfast of oatmeal and turkey sausage. I drove out to Sauvie Island for my bike ride, And although the scenery, at least initially was quite … Continue reading What Do Ya Know Wednesday (a few hours late…)

Tidbit Tuesday

Excellent workout today! 3 mile run followed by 1800 yd swim followed by another 2 mileΒ run. Felt great! At the Hillsboro LA Fitness. What a clean facility! Followed by a delicious shake And a hot bath with said shake. Followed by some delicious Pad Thai And finishing my book, which was a great book. And finally tonight, dinner with Bill’s co-workers, consisting of calamari and … Continue reading Tidbit Tuesday