Back to the grind…

This begins week one of Black Diamond 70.3 triathlon training. I have a sprint triathlon, the Hayden Triathlon, planned for July as well. I have some new goals this go around.


Swimming Goals

  1. Focus on time, not just getting the laps in
  2. All Sunday long swims to be OWS
  3. No use of pull buoy, focus on keeping hips up in the water

Biking Goals

  1. Hit a hilly ride at least once during the week (outside of long weekend ride)
  2. Hit all miles on all long rides
  3. Practice and feel confident changing a flat

Running Goals

  1. Run off the bike at least one time per week
  2. Hit all miles every day, if it’s too hot, too bad

Nutritional Goals

  1. Increase focus on healthy eating, just because my body is burning major calories doesn’t mean I should fill it full of junk.
  2. Protein shake with banana after every workout
  3. Increase veggie intake.
  4. Continue to stay off soda
  5. Minimum of 64oz of water daily (use cheater cup!)

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