Ironman 70.3 Boise

What an incredible experience. Truly amazing.

Friday we went down early in the morning. It’s a five hour drive from the LCV to Boise, Idaho. I focused on hydrating, Bill focused on finding every bathroom between here and there, (ha!) not really. We got there for the last athlete briefing, checked in, picked up my packet, time chips and gear bags. We checked into the hotel, I planned out my bags. We had to bring my run bag to the transition 2 area. I opted to keep my bike and bring it to transition 1 race morning.


We went out for an excellent dinner at PF Changs. Yum. Calamari, chicken lettuce wraps, sweet and sour chicken, orange peel chicken, pork fried rice and tons of water. Heaven.


My perfect fortune, after three cookies!!


We retreated to the hotel early, I slept (thankfully) and slept well. Because of the late start time, I was able to sleep until 7am. That morning, we ate breakfast and the hotel, I double checked all my gear and my bags. I was set. Twila met us at the hotel at 8am, transition 1 opened at 8:30am. Bill drove us to Lucky Peak, wished us luck, and we were off. We got our transition areas ready, got our body marking done, finished off our nutrition, and finally pulled on our wetsuits. Then all we could do was wait.


Twila’s wave started at 10:50am. Seeing her start was awesome, she’s a total mermaid, easing through the water. I couldn’t have trained for this race with a better, more dedicated, supportive training partner.

Swim: My wave started at 11am. To say my swim went badly would be an understatement. It was a tough swim for me, I was much slower than I was prepared for. The water felt choppy and crazy. I couldn’t get into a groove. But, after a very difficult and humbling 1.2 mile swim, I was out of the water. Thank goodness, before the cut off. I was dizzy when I exited the water, a medic walked with me to the suit strippers, thankfully I got my bearings about me by then.

image image

Transition One: I raced through my transition. Bagged my suit, pulled on my socks and shoes, grabbed my helmet and sunglasses. Got my head together and took off.

Bike: I knew I needed to make up time on the bike, and thankfully I was able to. Boise is a very hilly course and it was a windy ride. Thankfully Twila and I had put our time in for hills and wind and I felt good about the ride. This could not have been better organized. I cannot imagine 56 miles in Boise is an easy area to organize, and it was incredibly well put together.

image image image image

Transition Two: Tried to rush, just switched shoes and ditched my helmet.

Run: It was hot at this point. I was loosing my “umph” but knew this should be the part that I could handle. And I did what I could with what energy I had left. No music for 13.1 miles is long, all I could hear was my breath and my feet… At mile 9, my two best friends Mandy and Amber were there to surprise me. How awesome. In less than a mile, my mom and step dad were waiting too. It really helped get my mind back on track. I caught up to Twila at 1/2 mile left, and we finished the race together. Awesome Sauce.

image image image image image image

image image image imageimage

At the finish Bill, my sister, my niece, my mom, my step-dad, Mandy and Amber were waiting. What an amazing group of people I have in my life.

image image image image image image image

Tough race. But I feel great about it. Done.



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