Ironman 70.3 Race & Nutrition Plan

Exactly one week until Boise Ironman 70.3. When we started this journey, I kept thinking how far away this race was, how much training time we had, how much preparation would go into this. And now, here we are. The final stretch. So in addition the our final long training sessions, I am mentally planning my race. My gear, my nutrition, and my mindset. For me, and maybe everyone, the mental game is half the battle. I can psych myself into illness, I can get in my own way OR I can push myself into confidence and success.

I feel confident in the training we’ve put in. I feel strong in the muscles we’ve developed. I feel absolutely positive that we’ve put in the work we need to finish this race and finish it strong.


Last Week Plan: After our last three long workouts this weekend, we shift to taper week, giving my body what it needs this week. So, Monday is my rest day, to recover from the last long workouts this weekend. The rest of the week are tapered versions of our training. Focus on good eating, getting enough sleep, cutting out wine, and hydration.

Pre-race Game Plan: Friday morning we leave for Boise. Once in Boise it’s an Athlete briefing, bike check, run bag check, ect. Eat well, nothing crazy. To bed early, I know I won’t sleep well, so I’ll bring along my Benadryl. Shuttle bus number two departs at 8:30am, the transition area opens at 8:30am until 9:45am, first swim wave starts at 10am, my swim wave begins at 11am.

My Fuel Plan: Banana, Honey Stinger waffle, a cup of coffee, a bottle of water with one Nuun electrolyte tablet prior to the swim. Take in 8oz of water and Nuun tablet at transition one. Four Nuun tablets in the water bottles on my bike, two each. Drinking water every three miles, taking a Honey Stinger gel in every 9, taking my 6th Honey Stinger gel in at mile 54, 2 miles before transition two. Take in a Honey Stinger gel at mile 5 of the run and again at mile 10. Run with 8oz water in hand pod, with Nuun tablet. Drink additional water at water stations if needed, will probably be hot.

Mental Game: Remind myself we’ve trained for this. Wear Garmin Fenix 3 to monitor my speed, times, ect and to reassure myself that I’m doing fine. Pay attention to my body and the heat. Stay calm. Enjoy the race. And remember, no matter how I do, when I finish, it’s my PR, and I’m walking away an Ironman.

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