Troika Triathlon

What a great event! I am so glad that we did this, it was just the confidence boost I needed before the Boise HIM.




The Swim:

The water temperature was perfect, the water was calm and it was a wave start (so it was only women in the Sprint Triathlon, starting at once), and I felt confident that it would go well. Everyone started, I started near the back, as swimming is not a strong suit for me, but once I was in and going, it went great, I was slowly passing other women and able to stay calm even with my face in the water.




I hadn’t raced in open water prior, so I hadn’t transitioned from my wetsuit to my bike gear. It went seamlessly. My wetsuit came off easily. I had my Trisuit on underneath. So I simply put on my socks, shoes, sunglasses and helmet and headed out. Clipped in without issues.



The bike ride was perfect. I don’t think I have had a single ride on the bike where the conditions were so perfect. No headwind. Sun. No rain. It was great. Picked a few people up on the bike. Took in two gels and a bottle of water with Nuun. Easily clipped out coming back in. Not a single issue.


Racked the bike. Slipped off my cycling shoes. Realized I had my running shoes tied together, won’t do that again, got them on and tied, switched my helmet for my visor and took off.


It was heating up a touch at this point. I skipped the water stations on the course, knowing I wouldn’t need much as I drank on the bike. Kept a steady pace. And although pretty hot, felt good.




Great race!! Even placed 3rd in my Age Group!


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