National Running Day (and link-up!)

National Running Day is coming up on June 3rd. A fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador Jonesin’ for a run is hosting a blog link up, with everyone answering the following questions, thought it sounded fun!

1. Why do you run?

Well, I’ve blogged about this before, a few times. I’ve had different reasons off and on, but primarily, I run because it keeps me (somewhat) sane.

2. How do you plan to celebrate National Running Day?

I’ll celebrate with running after my morning swim!

3. How many miles have you run so far this year?

I have no idea. I have never really thought about tracking it, but with my new Garmin, I will!

4. What big events do you have on the race calendar so far this year?

My biggest focus right now is the Boise Ironman on June 13th!

5. Before I leave for a run you must have:

My Garmin, my Mizunos, my iPod, a honey stinger waffle, and all tucked nicely into my Ogio bag!

6. Do you have one favorite app to track your runs?

Garmin Connect, it syncs itself and has tons of awesome info.

7. Who is your favorite running partner?

Running-Amber; Swimming & Biking-Twila; Yogging-Haili

8. What races have you ran so far this year?

Jan 1st – Portland New Year 10k Run – Portland
Jan 17th – Freeze Your Fanny 5k – Local
Feb 14th – Sweethearts Run 4m – Local
Feb 21st – Edge of Hell Run 4m – Local
March 1st – Hot Chocolate 15k – Seattle
March 7th – Snake River Half Marathon – Local
March 14th – St Pattys Run – Local
March 21st & 22nd – Snake River Triathlon – Local
March 28th – Spokane Superhero Fun Run – Spokane
April 11th – Color the Valley 5k – Local
April 11th – Hope Glow Run 5k – Moscow
April 12th – Rolling Hills Half – Moscow
April 17th – Twilight 5k – Local
April 25th – Seaport River Run 10k – Local
April 26тh – Calla Run – Local
May 3rd – Bloomsday 12k – Spokane
May 8th-10th – Tinkerbell 5k, 10k, Half Marathon – Disneyland

9. If you had to give someone one piece of advice about running what would it be?

Stick with it, it sucks at first. Keep at it. It gets easier. You won’t regret it.

10. Describe your relationship with running in one word:


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