Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon

Wow. What an incredible experience. Although, I ended up with a nasty stomach bug, therefore wasn’t hydrated at all, this was an amazing race. No where near a PR, but with 6 pit stops, I was just happy with a finish. 


-My original Ogio Ambassador backpack

Honey Stinger Waffle (prior to the race)

Honey Stinger Gel (halfway)

Mizuno Wave Rider 18s

Mizuno Featherweight 3/4 tights

-Drymax Hyper Thin Mini Socks

-My ipod and earbuds

-My Garmin Fenix 3


Disneyland must employee a gazillion people, have twice that many willing to volunteer and be a part of Disney races and again that many people just wanting to watch and cheer everyone one. Running through the park, the through the belly of Anahiem is quite incredible, and being surrounded by people the whole way, wow. Sick or not sick, I felt the amazing energy the whole race. 

The Actual Race

Started in one of the parking lots edging the park, which with so many runners and so many corrals, this was perfect. It was a staggered start, which again with the number of people doing the race was perfect. We ran through the park, seeing all the areas of the park that you wouldn’t during the daytime, and seeing all of the rest of the park without the crowds and lines. It was amazing. From the park, you ran out downtown Anahiem, through business districts and neighborhoods, lined with people. There were water and Powerade stations almost every mile and pottapotties about every 2 or less. 
Running a half this incredible, in Disneyland, is an experience that I am so utterly thankful for.  



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