Day 1 of Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

Up early, our flight took off at 5:30am, so getting there around 4:30, with two little girls in tow was challenge number one. 

This was the girls’ first experience flying. And thankfully, the handled in beautifully. Leaving a small airport was a nice way to ease them into it. I was thankful for that. Graci’s bag was randomly searched, you should have seen the look of fear on her face, the man was very nice and reassured her that it was a random check and that she had done nothing wrong. Packing their iPads, their phones, a journal for the trip and colored pens proved to be the best decision we could have made. πŸ™‚ We had a lay over in SLC, which I think they enjoyed seeing the larger airport. All the shops, all the gates, all the people. On the second flight, they again relaxed, watched movies on thier iPods and even napped. Success. 

I bought a book to read on my Kindle, A Life Without a Limits, about an amazing triathlete and Ironman. So far a great read. 

Upon arriving to Anahiem, we made our way to the hotel to drop off bags and then directly to Disneyland for the expo and to pick up packets! 

Then the rest of the day we spent having fun around the park!

   It’s just so incredible to see everything here!!!

  Tower of Terror!!!!

  California Adventures Parade!

  The Little Mermaid ride!


  One lucky lady, my amazing hubby and our girls. ❀️

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