National Running Day (and link-up!)

National Running Day is coming up on June 3rd. A fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador Jonesin’ for a runΒ is hosting a blog link up, with everyone answering the following questions, thought it sounded fun! 1. Why do you run? Well, I’ve blogged about this before, a few times. I’ve had different reasons off and on, but primarily, I run because it keeps me (somewhat) sane. 2. … Continue reading National Running Day (and link-up!)

Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon

Wow. What an incredible experience. Although, I ended up with a nasty stomach bug, therefore wasn’t hydrated at all, this was an amazing race. No where near a PR, but with 6 pit stops, I was just happy with a finish.  Gear/Fuel -My original Ogio Ambassador backpack –Honey Stinger Waffle (prior to the race) –Honey Stinger Gel (halfway) –Mizuno Wave Rider 18s –Mizuno Featherweight 3/4 tights -Drymax Hyper … Continue reading Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon