Love More, Life is so Short


The world lost a beautiful soul yesterday.

I work with death on a frequent basis. I watch people as they slip away, physically, mentally, emotionally. But when it’s sudden, tragic, and a friend rather than a patient, it’s more difficult to absorb. It makes me question my own life, the way I live, the way I love. Because people can’t come back. You can’t do over your time with them.

As I spent the morning with my beautiful sister, seeing her hurting, such raw pain in her eyes, my heart not just hurt over the loss of one of the kindest, most loving souls I’ve ever met but hurt for my sister’s pain and even greater loss of one of her closest friends.

We need to love more. We need to hold those we love tight. Make sure the people we care about, know we care. Because life is too short. Rest in Peace Tina, you were an incredible woman, the most accepting and kindest women I’ve ever known, you were and are so loved; your hugs, your smile, your kindness will be missed. Rest in peace Tom, I didn’t know you well, just casually, but you too were very loved and will be greatly missed.


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