60 Days! But who’s counting!?!?

60 days until the Boise 70.3 Ironman. Holy smokes. 2 months. Last week was crazy with the three races (I will blog on those race recaps this week sometime!), this week should be a lot more training focused!


Monday – Rest Day, this is usually “Active Recovery” spent spinning, but after the hilly half marathon yesterday, my legs are super exhausted, so today, they are truly resting…

Tuesday – 1000 yard swim and a 4.5 mile run.

Wednesday – 1 hour bike ride, I am switching my schedule up a little bit, so I am planning to do this after Bill gets home from work, we will see how this works out because his schedule changes so much depending on where he is at.

Thursday – 1000 yard swim and a 4 mile run.

Friday – 1 hour bike ride – Twilight 5k with my oldest daughter that night

Saturday – 45 Mile Bike Ride followed by 15 minute run (working out transition and running on tired legs).

Sunday – 9 mile Long Run and 1400 yard swim (I may just do the full 1800 yards, I would like to test out how the full distance feels).

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