A Weeks Worth of Pics


My first flat tire today! Agh!

So, I totally know almost nothing about bikes, tires, tubes, ect… So, I’m out for a long bike ride, feeling good and strong. And suddenly my tire is flat, like way flat and my rim is hitting the road. WTH? So I get off, check it out… Flat. So I remove the wheel, use the tire iron to remove the tire, check it, there is a goat head in it. Ugh. I pull off the tube, get the new tube on, get out the CO2, and………. No pump… You have to be kidding me. So, I call my girl, Amber and she comes to rescue me. I was happy that I was able to get the tire off, so I do feel good about being able to change it… I was even more happy that Amber so graciously came out to save me. But my bike ride was significantly shortened… Bummer.



This pup… And this girl… Love them.


My other girl, was VIP this week and couldn’t have been prouder. Love her little face.


They make me so proud. ❤️

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