Random Thoughts on the Bike

40 mile bike ride today… What?!? Rather than bore you with the actual bike ride details, I’ll bless you with my thoughts while riding…

“When should I drink?”

“39 to go.”

“I’m so glad it’s not raining.”

“When should I drink?”

“I already have to pee…”

“Why do Twila’s legs always look so good… Jealous”

“When should I drink?”

“Better wait til I pee.”

“Maybe a gel every 10 miles, that could work.”

“When should I drink?”

“I cannot believe it’s only ten more weeks…”

“Remember to get the Easter baskets ready”

“Hopefully I’ll see Amber tomorrow with the running group.”

“Squirrels. Why would people feed these giant rats?”

“I hope Bill wants to relax and watch movies tonight.”

“On your left, means move over… Ugh…”

“When should I drink?”

“38 to go.”

LOL. This is what I love about endurance training, it’s a mental game. So, add another 38 miles of that. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on the Bike

  1. Mine went a lil like:
    “Omg this uncrustable is so messy”
    Hope I don’t have pb all over my face
    Brandi’s calf muscles are really getting defined, I wonder if mine look like that
    Bicycling = fabulous legs
    F this wind
    Jacket or no jacket?
    Go to my happy place
    I wonder if I should get one of those tri watches
    More jelly beans?
    Please don’t rain
    Should I work on my tan
    Crap I forgot my sunglasses
    Is my tire flat?

    What a crazy adventure we r on right now brandi!!!


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